Forbes comenteaza achizitia MySQL de catre Sun intr-un articol excelent.

Citez pasajul care mi-a placut cel mai mult

"These deals have nothing to do with peace, love and software, and everything to do with money. The open source guys realize they can't build a decent business unless they hook up with the old closed source guys.

Meanwhile, the old guard have figured out that open source code can be a wonderful way to inflict pain. IBM pumps money into Linux and other open source programs because those programs undermine Microsoft. Microsoft has pumped money into Novell, the number two Linux player, to undermine Red Hat (nasdaq: RHT - news - people ), the number one Linux player. Oracle offers to support customers of Red Hat Linux because it hurts both Red Hat and Microsoft."

Iar intr-un articol la fel de interesant de pe O'Reilly am gasit si completarea:

Just as the outcome of the PC revolution was a shift in power from hardware to software, from IBM to Microsoft, the outcome of the open source revolution is a shift in power from software to new data-driven web 2.0 services, from Microsoft to Google, so to speak. Huge new companies like Google have been built on top of the open source stack. This is business value creation on a stage not seen in decades, and open source has been a key driver.