Am gasit pe bizwatch un post foarte simpatic despre cultura organizationala.
Funny - dar foarte trist de adevarat.

Five monkeys sit in a corner of a room. In the other corner is a chair and above it hangs a bunch of bananas.

Monkeys being monkeys they help each other onto the chair to reach for the bananas. A scientist in another room sees this and before they reach the bananas he showers them in cold water from above.Needless to say, monkeys aren’t stupid, they run back to the corner and wait for alternative food to arrive. One of the monkeys is taken out of the room and replaced with a new monkey. This monkey of course does not know of the cold shower and darts for the chair and the bananas. His friends, trying to protect him, beat him away from the chair and push him back into the corner. Well this monkey isn’t stupid. Obviously he has to stay away from the bananas and wait for alternative food.

Another monkey is replaced, and another, every time the new monkey attempts to get the bananas, every time the monkey is beaten back by the older monkeys.

Eventually there are no monkeys who saw the original cold shower, or who even saw the original beating.

One day a petulant monkey asks: “Why don’t we just get those bananas?”

The alpha male replies: “We just don’t do things like that around here.”